About bryan farley

I am a father and photographer. I am an advocate and educator. I write overly serious about page's.

Before hashtags and memes, I was a Women's Studies major and rape prevention educator at UC Santa Barbara. While I took some good pictures in college, I was not a photographer. I was a public speaker who wanted to change the world.
I have also lived with epilepsy for more than 30 years. For many of those years, I hid my disability. Since epilepsy is an "invisible disability," I am sensitive to people who are isolated. When possible I give them voice and visibility. 

In much of my work, there is a common theme: making the invisible... visible. When I started making photographs, I photographed children and families. As a credentialed teacher, I understand how to work with children, teachers and families. At the same time, there is something exciting about capturing a concert or sporting event.

Regardless of the event, I am continually searching for the invisible; still trying to give voice to the voiceless by creating a dynamic flat image.